Hard work and a little elbow grease

Sundlof Engineering

These instruments were renovated to suit the customers needs, detailing and major structural issued came up with these projects.

Text Box: Indian stringed instrument used in Hindustani Classical and Karnatic music 7 playing strings and 14 sympathetic strings.
Text Box: Harpsichord from Germany, many problems with plectrums being loud and striking the string.

The potentiometer for the volume control was old and dusty and needed to be replaced. There was also an issue with the grounding of the instrument.

The Tabla are a set of membranophones from India this particular drum is a copper bayan or bass drum which was dented while being transported to the US.


Electronics Repair




This guitar had broken bracing on the inside back panel of the guitar which also cracked the back of the guitar.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic/Electric Guitar

This guitar had broken bracing on the inside, broken neck joint, and needed to be re constructed with lighter gauge strings.

The body of this box dulcimer was separating from years of tension and moisture fluctuations as it was in  a damp basement un-played.

Santur from Iran