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This instrument was damaged while being transported by plane from India. The wall was dented inward and the skin needed to be put taken off the drum and put back on.





This was a long and difficult task considering the skin is woven on the drum with one long continuous piece of camel hide. Pictured below.



The skin needed to be woven on the drum after the skin was softened with water and a little oil. The skin need to be woven on tight and tuned after the skin was woven on the entire process took around six hours consecutively while pulling with





Hands and push with the feet. This drum is made from copper and was hand hammered when it was first created. Copper is the supperior metal when compared to its rivals, iron, brass, aluminium, steel. Although the best material being clay, but it is not used as much because of its importablitly. This is the way its done in India.


This is the area where the dent was after hammering the side out you can barely tell where it is,