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Detailed Harpsichord††

This is a Harpsichord from Germany brought over in the early 1950ís. The plectrum near the lower bass notes had been badly broken from years of playing. The plectrum need to be repaired and some even needed to be replaced.





Above is a picture of the plectrum with a leather tooth plectrum, felt pad, metal holder and a lever for moving back and forth used when plucking the string.





This is another picture of the plectrum .






After the plectrum were repaired they were installed into the Harpsichord and the hole instrument was tuned in relation to A=440.





A total of 15 plectrum need to be readjusted to pluck the string and dampen it. There are still going to be problems with the instrument considering it needs to be tuned very frequently but after this job the instrument sounds much better that before.

This the harpsichord with keys and plectrum and towards the top right the strings.