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This first guitar was given to me because of the electronics sounded bad when the volume was turned up. The problem was a dusty volume potentiometer. I took off the old potentiometer and replaced it with a high quality 500 k oHm knob. (Picture at the left.)







This made a world of difference but to make sure there were no other frequencies interfering with the pick ups. I cover the inside cavity with tin foil tape to cavities shielded against electromagnetic interference. (picture at the right)





This next guitar had buzzing problems when going into the higher octave and my friend wanted a modification but did not know what could be done. The guitar already had enough tone and pick selections for his needs but after listening got his style I though he could use a Kill switch. He agreed to the modification and I began installing a switch that would turn off the sound of the guitar but allow for my rhythmic accents with high distortion.

(Picture at the left.)




The kill switch won my friend over and he loves playing this guitar as opposed to his acoustic. This modification allows for more of a variation is his performance and playing.




This Fender Bullet was modified to have an extra tone knob and a Gibson humbucker. This gives it more of a variety for sound and also more high end with the better pick-up a fender with a Gibson pick up for the best of both worlds.




Electronic Guitar with cracking volume potentiometer and bare electronics cavity.

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