1950ís Archtop Acoustic/Electric Guitar

1950ís Vintage Guitar



Neck and bodyís dovetail slot pieces were cracked making the guitar unplayable.

Kingston Humbucker pick-ups and electronics were not functioning. Also the side wall near the dovetail slot was cracked open.


Fixing the Guitar

The side wall needed to be pried open to access the block, which holds the neck. The block needed to be re-glued and re-clamped to create a firm hold for the neckís dovetail fit. This needed the aid of a heat gun blowing hot air around the siding to soften the glue to pry open the side. Once the side was open the block could be clamped and put back together for a nice tight fit for the dovetail of the neck. After the glue had dried the siding could then be reapplied with clamps and left to dry.










After the body was fixed the male dovetail piece attached to the neck needed to be reconstructed for the two pieces to fit together and hold the tension of the strings. This was the hardest part of the job; this piece needed to be cut to a very precise measurement but could not be cut by any conventional means. The difficulty was sanding and carving the piece so that it would be the slide into the neck slot as tight as possible to the body of the guitar, the tighter the fit the more sustain. This required a number of measurements and many, many tests of the individual piece; after many tries piece was made but now needed to be lightly sanded down to ensure that it would slide into the female portion of the dovetail. After the piece was constructed I drilled holes through the new dovetail and through the neck of the guitar and put to screws through the piece into the guitar ensuring that the two pieces where now one solid piece.

Next step was applying the glue over the neck and the body to hammer the neck on. This was a fast process once everything was sanded to it right requirements.



This is body with the siding reattached. Above and below.




Pictured above the wall had to be removed from to access the neck block, the walls paint job had suffered a little damage and the rest of the area around the instrument so there was light paint job applied to the siding on the instrument.



Pictured above is the fret board there was one missing inlaid button at the fifth fret replaced with mother of pearl for more definition of the fifth fret.


The mother of pearl inlay fit and placed in the fret board. Once the body had been repainted the body was lightly refinished with Tru oil in light layers applied with fingers. The frets were polished and the strings were put on with the original floating bridge.

The next step was replacing a capacitor in electronics to the 2 Kingston humbuckers. Once the solder points were repaired the instrument electronics were ready to go. The screws need to be replaced and fret was use as washers for the pick ups. This was done to have the pick ups be more stationary to not have the extra noise of the pickups hitting the body of the guitar.

Sundlof Engineering

Hard work and a little elbow grease