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Model-A Flat Back Style Mandolin

This mandolin was made from scratch first cutting the blocks for the neck, and the base and then making sure the top panel and the bottom panel were the exact same size. After the panels were cut I carved out the F holes which was a long and slow process.This was because the wood needed to be cut with a fine knife to make sure that the top layer of wood would not splinter or shard off. Once the panels were equal the siding was put on the bottom half first. This was also a difficult process because the pressure needed to be applied all around the mandolin while holding the curved piece of wood. I cut the siding very thin to capture the wood grain as pictured to the right. After the body was put together the neck needed to be slide into the neck joint and glued in. This process involved many C-clamps inorder to mold the wood around the body and bracing.

The fret board was put together made from Rosewood and I had to cut and hammer in the frets which was also a very difficult process considering the tools I had were not specific to the job I was doing, but the end result is very pleasing. The Mandolin has a very low action to allow the strings to stay in-tune longer and allow the player to play much ftaster when compared to instruments with a higher action.

Mandolin finished product. With string dampeners that resemble a Buffaloes horns.