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Fender Stratocaster

This is a customized Stratocaster inspired by Jerry Garcia’s Rosebud guitar. The paint was stripped from the body to expose the wood grain and let the wood speak for itself accenting it’s natural beauty. The body was also carved to match the design of Rosebud, the siding was carved out by hand and sanded down until it was smooth and congruent to the grain of the rest of the body. Once the body and the neck were stained and finished, the guitar was assembled. I cut bronze metal plates for the electronics’ cover for a look that would age with the instrument.

                The cavity was covered with tin foil to help ground out unwanted frequencies. After the cavity was covered I put in small blocks for the pickup rings to sit on. I installed pick-up rings instead of a pick guard to make the design more similar to  Rosebud. The pick-ups are first Les Paul style golden covered humbuckers to keep with the metal and golden theme, but also a Seymour Duncan humbucker which is nearest to the saddle to get more tone from the end of the strings. After the pick-ups were in the electronics were hooked up and put into the cover plate with a five way switch to pick between either pick-up and combination of more low end or more high end tone.

Jerry Garcia inspired notice the sharper wings of the body and the carved sides all hand carved and hand  sanded.

Stratocaster Modification