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Piranha Ash Bass

This bass was made from scratch I cut the neck from a long 4x4 of maple, and the body is made from ash wood giving it more mass and more low end resonance. I cut the neck first and I wanted to incorporate the knot in the wood so I tried to use that as an emphasis in my instrument. I wanted to make a bass out of wood and have wood be the central theme overall. I did not paint it but finished it with two types of stains one was American Walnut (very light towards the center) and I also used a darker walnut for accenting the grain located at the top of the bass. I installed the electronics in the bass having two pickups nearest to the bridge because I want a tone rich in highs. Taking the frets out also gives the tone a nice and clear warmness that a stand up bass would give only now it does not need the huge resonating chamber and just the electronic pick ups.

Ash wood Bass with custom piranha headstock for a deadly punch from the bassís heavy mass good for any bass line.

Fretless Bass††††